1:1 Coaching

Creating excellence in life and work requires self-examination, practical skills and support. One-on-one coaching is a highly personalized partnership through which you expand your leadership capacity, build resiliency and live more fully.

KASA Coaches are experienced leadership developers who use questions and reflection to inspire insight and growth.

Through coaching, members gain practical skills, take new action, increase self-awareness. Many people increase their resilience and experience their lives and careers as more engaging and fulfilling.





KASA Gatherings

The most effective employees are those who are highly engaged - connected, communicative, and clear on how to contribute value. KASA Gatherings are a series of bespoke, high-impact meetings that support career development and deepen workplace engagement. Through leadership exercises and facilitated discussions, members gain communication skills, self-awareness, and collegial relationships to excel in their roles.

KASA leaders are experienced coaches and facilitators. Leaders create trust and an open exchange where members can reflect, share challenges and benefit from the insights of others.

As a result, members gain practical skills, take new action, increase self-awareness  and connect with peers to create impact in their work and lives.




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